Free Puppy Training Tips

Got a new puppy that's more than a handful? Apply our free puppy training tips and techniques and have a well-behaved dog for life.

I know how frustrated and helpless you feel when your adorable little puppy chews up your best pair of shoes, wets your carpet or digs up your pot plants!

Don't worry! I'll show you how to train your puppy easily and gently.

Let me teach you how to:

  • Potty and crate train your puppy
  • Prevent submissive and excitement urination
  • Stop your puppy barking exessively
  • Stop your puppy chewing and biting
  • Prevent your puppy digging up your garden
  • Train your puppy to heel, come, sit, lie down and stay

In my fifteen years as a dog trainer I've seen time and again how little we humans understand the behavior of our dogs. This leads directly to many of the problems we experience with them. In my puppy training techniques I therefore specifically focus on:

  • Your body language your puppy understands
  • Your puppy’s correct place within the family hierarchy

Let's get started with my free puppy training tips...

...and ensure that you'll not just have a well-behaved, but also a happy and well-adjusted dog.

Submissive Urination in Puppies - How Can You Prevent It?
Submissive urination is often found in puppies and insecure adult dogs. Let me show you how to prevent it by changing the way you approach your dog.
Crate Training A Puppy - Tips for the New Puppy Owner
Crate training a puppy is one of the quickest ways to get your puppy house trained. Crate training makes use of a puppy's instinct not to dirty his den.
Puppy Potty Training Advice for the New Puppy Owner
Need advice on potty training your puppy? My easy-to-follow puppy potty training advice can save your treasured carpets...
Paper Training A Puppy - Tips for the New Puppy Owner
Paper training a puppy can be used if you have little time to potty train. Paper training uses a puppy's preference to eliminate at a spot he's been before.
Stop Puppy Biting - Is your puppy biting you?
Want to stop puppy biting? Find out how you can stop puppy biting by showing your puppy who's boss the way his mother would...
Stop Puppy Barking - Is Your Puppy Barking Excessively?
Want to stop your puppy barking? Find out how you can stop puppy barking before it becomes a problem for you and your neighbors.
Puppy Training School? - What To Watch Out For.
Before you decide on a puppy training school, follow these guidelines for selecting the best school for training your puppy.
Clicker Puppy Training - What is Clicker Puppy Training?
Clicker puppy training is one of the most fun and gentle ways to train your puppy. Use clicker puppy training to teach your puppy any trick in the book!
When to Start Puppy Training
Want to know when to start puppy training? Find out the best time to start training your puppy.
Puppy Training Commands - Which Commands to Use to Train Your Puppy
Using puppy training commands correctly is very important when starting to train your puppy. Find out how....
Train Your Puppy to Sit
Would you like to train your puppy to sit? Let me show you how...